Monday, October 18, 2010

New week in the Dollhouse

Kristy here for Leah-Dollie who had an early work day after a late night of croppin :) So on with the show!

Today's color combo has been explained as "weird" and "christmasy" but I think it just sounds fabby!  Let's see what you can do with the combo of

Green and Silver

Our Dollies certainly took it and ran with it! 


Metal Minish


See what I mean? I'm calling it fabby! You could go weird or christmasy if you want but let's see how you are inspired on your own ;) You have until Sunday Oct 24th @ midnight EST if you want to wait for the last two bits of the Trifecta or if you just want to rawk the color combo, same date same time. So I hope you enjoy your stay in the Dollhouse this week!


  1. EEEEEEKKKKK!!! This one is a doozy!!! I think I gotta idea tho :)

  2. Word to your mother... I love that combo!!
    Great examples...
    I'm thinking some tinsel trim somewhere....hmmm.

  3. not sure what I did wrong - but there is a red X by my uploaded submission? :o(


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