Tuesday, December 15, 2009

CHEERS to you!!! :)

Ever have one of THOSE days when all you want is to get home, crawl under the covers, and snuggle up with a glass of your favorite red wine to watch a chick flick?? Ironically, today is one of those days... I was stopped not once, but twice by overzealous police officers on the rampage for shopping mammas, and in addition to scoring two brandy new tickets, the last officer ran my info and said that I have a suspended license... I raced home (at the speed limit!) to pay off my outstanding tickets and didn't find a suspension notice... yet. But he mentioned an old parking ticket I got way back in May, and I honestly think he may have been telling the truth, lol. I did forget to clear that one up, and when I check my record it looks like that one is no longer there (although the other two showed up right away!!). SO, tomorrow there may be more parking ticket drama...

What I would do for a glass of Tomasello's Blueberry Pomegranate wine right about now!! :) (Leah, take me away!!). :) Unfortunately, it'll be, oh, another 20 months or so until I can settle THAT urge! :)

LONG monologue over... But tell me, what's YOUR favorite drink of choice?? In a newly created project, show us your favorite beverage, hot or cold, that takes away YOUR nervous energies! :) Here's what the DT has come up with so far...

Leah (Ah, yes, poppin' the bubbly sounds about right...)


(There I go again, dreaming of that Blueberry Pomengranate stuff... it's amazing!)

(LOL, somehow, this is the only one on our list I CAN indulge in... hmm....)

Ok, down to business. All entries must be newly created for the purpose of this challenge and submissions must be uploaded to Mr. Linky by no later than Midnight on Monday, December 21st. The primary focus of the piece must be of a beverage of sorts... and if you have a story behind that beverage, even better! Eligible entrants will be placed in a drawing for this fabuloso prize:

So get scrap happy ladies and jump start that mojo...


  1. aw no!! what a terrible day :( am sitting here with my drink of choice at the moment :D...

  2. *laughing* I loved your post Adina and yes, I've had those days. When I did indulge in drinking, it was a fruity wine - Arbor Mist - my dad called it "kool-aid." LOL! But...if someone slipped me a Long Island Iced Tea once in a while - I wouldn't run. :D I hope your day gets better. I love the challenge -- you guys are very inventive with these and I try to get into all of them; just depends on where my senior mind is at the moment when I can indulge. :D Thanks for being so creative! I love what you and the design team have made, they are absolutely divine! ;D

  3. I'm totally out of my favourite alcoholic drink of choice (Baileys... YUM!!) but I've created a BOM layout which includes my current favourite hot drink :) Fun challenge, thanks xx


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