Sunday, October 1, 2006

Leah the Orange

Leah the Orange....

is a Canadian import
is a fish out of water
is in a band called yearlongday
is gushy and overly enthusiastic
refuses to grow up
still dyes her hair purple (and blue, and pink, and platinum)
is still working on that perfect tattoo
is (mostly!) blissfully married
is having trouble dealing with a feisty teenage son
is thrilled to work from home
is addicted to marshmallow peeps!
is madly in love with the colour orange
is a retro/new-wave kinda gal
is TOTALLY keen on '80s pop culture (like, fer sher!)
wishes it didn't rain so much in South Jersey
misses her Gram very much
thinks raw mushrooms are SCRUMMEH!
drinks a WHOLE lotta watta
digs splat-horror and indie/foreign flicks
often prefers watching movies alone
thinks Tomasello makes the BEST blueberry wine
has 200+ flavours of lip balm (but who's counting?)
sports funky knee-highs
loves her green and yellow daisy maryjane Docs bestest
is good to the environment
loves her kitty, and wants a bunny (or eight)
speaks her own language
has read Where The Wild Things Are a bazillion times
thinks bananas are icky
doesn't have cable
wears flowers in her hair
would trade her kingdom for a craft room!
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