Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sketch time :)

Welcome back! Our last challenge for the week (and month!) is upon us! We hope you're gearing up to play with this weeks Elements and Color Challenge but now I have this weeks sketch

Of course our Dollies are here to inspire you! :)




There's a whole lot to work with this week, lots of space to make this sketch YOURS! Let's see it! Link it up by Wednesday Nov 3rd to get in for this months draw! Or if you are uber inspired try your hand at our Trifecta by Sunday night!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mixin' it up with new ELEMENTS CHALLENGE!

So you wanna win a gift certificate from our fantastic sponsor, Scrap-A-Doodle-Doo?
Well this is your last chance to get your entries in for our October Elements Challenges, so GOOD LUCK!

This week, we want to see...

You need to mix it up, and use different types of media on your project, so that could mean anything like paint and canvas and collage and decoupage and wood and fabric and cardboard, etc. You get the picture?

Here's some inspiration from our Dollies:

Nicole made this fun wooden sign and added paint, ink and iron-on decals she printed on her computer - her daughter is going to LOVE hanging this in her room!

Karen made 'canvas' out of cardboard, added some paints and metallic wrapping paper, doctored it up and made it a functional piece of scrappy art!

and in case you still need something to give your mojo a boost, here's something Leah (me!) made using wrapping paper as a base, coated it with scraps of paper, then stamped and embellished with lots of bits and bobs - it's a full-sized accordion file:

Are you up for this? We know it might be a bit more of a challenge, but remember that you can also create cards and scrapbook pages (and bookmarks and ATCs and lots of other things!) using mixed media, so the sky's the limit!

Feel free to combine this with yesterday's Color Challenge, or wait until Thursday's Sketch Challenge posts and combine all THREE for this week's TRIFECTA! On its own, this challenge closes next Monday, November 1st at midnight EST, but remember to have your entries uploaded by Sunday at midnight for any of the combinations, because the new Color Challenge will post next Monday. Don't forget to link back to the Dollhouse in your blog post, no backlinks, and GOOD LUCK! We'll have some winners to announce next week!

Monday, October 25, 2010

OOPS! Important update!

My apologies, folks! Not only to you, our fabulous friends and visitors to the Dollhouse, but to our wonderful (and horribly patient) Guest Dollie for October, ANDREA! She'd sent me her project for today's challenge several days ago and I had mixed it up with this week's upcoming Sketch Challenge, so her talent was sorely missed on the blog today!

Here's Andrea's Black, White and Purple project
(and CLICK HERE to see the updated challenge post!):

Is this not the CUTEST little pea pod you've ever seen?! :D

Andrea, thank you VERY MUCH for playing with us in the Dollhouse this month - you've been a fantastic addition to our team, and we've all loved seeing your gorgeous creations! I'm so sorry for the mix-up today!

Last Color Challenge for October - some Little Yellow Bicycle up for grabs!

Good mornin', folks! Hope you're all geared up for another week - both in the Dollhouse and in your respective lives! We're always glad when you drop by, and hopefully we'll be able to help you get those creative juices flowing again with another Color Challenge!

Didn't see too many entries for last week's combo - guess I stumped you a bit? Those we did get were flippin' fantastic, so thanks to those brave enough to play! (I'm sure you were as happy with the results as I was to see 'em!)

Let's just cut right to the chase today... Pretty sure this one will be a lot easier, so I expect many more entries for a shot at this month's Color Challenge prize! I didn't get a chance to photograph it, what with starting my job training (with a big commute every day) and with entertaining my penpal from England for the last 2 weeks, but trust me when I say it's lots of fun (and Karen was kind enough to provide it - thanks Dollie!)...

So here we go! I wanna see.....


I KNOW you can do this one! 'Cuz our Dollies had no trouble with this one at all, and once you see these projects, you won't be lacking in the inspiration department! :) Check 'em out...

ANDREA, our wonderfully talented Guest Dollie for October,
shared this adorable page featuring her little pea-pod sweetheart:

I, Leah, played with my Nesties and my yummy new Maya Mist:

(inside reads "Congratulations are in order!")

Karen created this stunner of a page of her daughter
with some seriously jaw-droppin' doodly action!

Penny made a page about her daughter, too, and combined lots of
fabby shades of purple with some of the CUTEST buttons I've ever seen!

Now I just DARE you to say that there are no wheels turnin' in those crafty little minds of yours! You wanna play? Well whatcha waitin' for?

You have until next Sunday, October 31st at midnight EST to link up a NEWLY CREATED project, and be sure to link back here so you'll be eligible for this month's prize! Have fun, and happy craftin'!

OH, and while I cringe to think about this, we're coming up on the end of this term for our Design Dollies, and will be holding the next Dollie Call very soon for the January - June term. Stay tuned for the deets, and start thinking about what you'd like to submit if you want to hang out with us in the Dollhouse!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sketch Fun!

Kristy here for Kristy-Dollie today :) We are getting our bits together and have our last ingredient for this week's Trifecta. Well not only can you make a fabby Trifecta with it you can just use it by its lonesome...

inspiration from...
our uber talented GDT Andrea!



The lil shift shuffle this week has all come together so let's now see what YOU can PUT together with either this sketch, our Elements Challenge and/or to die for Colour Challenge. Don't be shy, you know you can mix those ingredients for a tasty smoothie! (Can you tell I'm watching cooking shows right now? HA!) Show us what you got right here!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wearing our HEARTS on our sleeves...

Hey gang! Leah here, filling in for Adina-Dollie - we're a little mixed up in the Dollhouse this week, so please bear with us while we get things ironed out... I've got a FUN challenge for you all this week, and our Dollies have hit it home with awesome projects to inspire you!

We wanna see HEARTS!
Lots and lots of 'em as a recurring element on your creations this week...

HEARTS! Yeah, you should have NO trouble with this one, but in case you get stumped, here's how it's done...

Dana-Dollie WOWED us with this gorgeous page (which I think will make a fantastic front page for an album):

Penny-Dollie created a little piece of fabulosity for the love notes from her daughter:

And I (Leah) had a little fun with a huggy card for a friend I'm missing:

Easy enough, right? Let's see what you can come up with for this one, and play along by next MONDAY, October 25th at midnight EST for your chance to win a $15 gift certificate to spend at our fabulous sponsor's shop, Scrap-A-Doodle-Doo!

Remember that your projects must be created NEW for this challenge, and you must link back to the Dollhouse in your blog post in order to be eligible for this month's prize... You may combine challenges (with yesterday's Color Challenge or this coming Thursday's Sketch Challenge), but if you opt for that Trifecta action - for a chance to win any or ALL of this month's prizes - you only have until SUNDAY, October 22nd at midnight EST to play along.

Have fun, happy crafting, and much much love from all of the Design Dollies!

Monday, October 18, 2010

New week in the Dollhouse

Kristy here for Leah-Dollie who had an early work day after a late night of croppin :) So on with the show!

Today's color combo has been explained as "weird" and "christmasy" but I think it just sounds fabby!  Let's see what you can do with the combo of

Green and Silver

Our Dollies certainly took it and ran with it! 


Metal Minish


See what I mean? I'm calling it fabby! You could go weird or christmasy if you want but let's see how you are inspired on your own ;) You have until Sunday Oct 24th @ midnight EST if you want to wait for the last two bits of the Trifecta or if you just want to rawk the color combo, same date same time. So I hope you enjoy your stay in the Dollhouse this week!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sketchin' it up in the Dollhouse!

We are back for another week in the Dollhouse! Today's Sketch has sure broght about some fabby insiration from the Dollies, check it out...


Metal Minish

So there you have it! Let's see what you can create. You have until Wednesday Oct 20 at midnight EST to get in on the sketch (with a NEWLY CREATED PROJECT) OR Sunday Oct 17 at midnight EST to get your Trifecta on and seriously, this week's combo is screamin for a good Trifectain! :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Another Elementary Tuesday for ya!

And welcome to another wonderful challenge week! First and foremost, I MUST congratulate our September Elements winner...

How could you help but "FALL" in love with this gorgeous file folder album by Cheryl???
Cheryl, congrats on the win! Please email us with your contact info and I'll forward details on how to go about activating your Scrap-A-Doodle Doo Gift Certificate! :)

And now, onto this month's first Elements Challenge (and you are once again playing for a $15 Gift Certificate to Scrap A Doodle Doo... I was with them last weekend and they have ALL the newest CHA release stuff...GORGEOUS pieces for the upcoming holidays, you have GOT to check 'em out!! Mention the Dollies when you do!!!)

Your challenge (should you choose to accept it) is to create a THEMED project... That means a minimum or two or three matching pieces...

Like our Guest Dollie ANDREA did with this adorable
card and bookmark combo (don't you love that owl?!)

or like Adina did for these birthday party decorations:

Or a complementary gift package like our Dollie Chiqui came up with
to celebrate the Halloween season:OR something as innovative as Nicole's GORGEOUS themed gift package with autumn blessings... SO, let's see your themed creations (at least two or three pieces, with similar design features and a "theme" in mind) by no later than midnight on Monday, October 18th via the inlinkz feature below! Don't forget, your projects must be created NEW for this challenge, and you MUST link back to the Dollhouse in your blog post. Have fun!

Monday, October 11, 2010

The Design Dollies want some WOW...

How did you like my last color challenge, folks? Well, quite frankly, *I* loved it, and I certainly loved what I saw from all of you! WONDERFUL creations, and fabulous use of the colors (which, clearly, did not stump you at ALL). I ended up totally digging the brown, red, blue and ivory combination, and I think it's going to become a classy go-to combo for me in the future.

I must apologize, as I still have not been able to photograph the prize for my October challenges, but I have it all put together and ready, and I'll just tell you that it's a fabby little bunch of Little Yellow Bicycle goodies, courtesy of our very own Karen-Dollie! Lots of fun stuff (the papers are FABULOUS), and a great travel theme. I hope to be able to actually USE my camera sometime in the next couple of days, so I'll post some piccies as soon as I'm able.

NOW, the real reason you're all here! You want a new challenge? I'll GIVE YOU a new challenge! This one's probably one of the easier ones I've given in quite a while, so ENJOY!


Told you it was an easy one! I doubt you'll need it, but I'm going to show you what our Dollies have done with this one, because I am just terribly excited about all the talent we have floating around our humble little Dollhouse! Take a look...

Dana (that artsy mama) gave us this FANTASTIC themed page (although I can't say I'm a fan of the subject matter) - the paper is ADORABLE, and her little lady is just the cutest thing...

I, Leah the Orange, made another Thank You card, as I seem to have many reasons for which to be thankful lately! (Dontcha just LOVE the De-Lovely line from Cosmo Cricket?!)

The uber-talented Karen went for uber-girlie and rocked these
colors with a gorgeous floral creation (the dragonfly is SO awesome!):

Are you inspirated? :)
Whatcha gonna do with this combination? I'm sure we Dollies will be impressed, and I can't wait to see your creations! So I'll let you get to it, and all you have to do is remember...

link up below with a NEWLY-CREATED PROJECT;
link BACK to the Dollhouse in your blog post;
combine with either or both of this week's upcoming challenges for more chances to win;
and do it by next SUNDAY, October 17th at midnight EST.
Off you go!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

September Winner and October Sketch!

Welcome to October in the Dollhouse! Yup its the 7th but its the first October Sketch so Welcome! :) We've got a sketch open for lots of interpretation coming up but first I've got the September Winner for ya!

~Amy~ gave us this lovely take on last weeks sketch. I heart the white space take and the lovely banner sets of that GAWGESS ring so sweetly!

Thanks for everyone who played along with us and here's your first go at October...

Here's the Dollies inspiration...

Say hello to Andrea our October GDT




So there you have it! Let's see what you can create. You have until Wednesday Oct 13 at midnight EST to get in on the sketch (with a NEWLY CREATED PROJECT) OR Sunday Oct 10 at midnight EST to get your Trifecta on. I will be back with the October prize pack as I always forget to take my piccys :)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

October Elements Challenges have kicked off!

Hey there folks! Leah here, filling in for our Adina-Dollie, who can't come to the phone - er - INTERNET right now, but she'll be back soon with our September Elements Challenges prize winner, I promise! Thanks for your patience, dear friends! We know you all understand that life gets in the way of our crafty fun sometimes... ;)

Thanks for all of your participation and gorgeous inspiration in our September Elements Challenges - we LOVED seeing everyone's entries, and, as always, we are humbled by the attention you give our little blog here. :)

Let's kick off the October Elements Challenges with something necessary, shall we? Ready? How about joining me in a little song......

"it's beginning to look a lot like..."

Yep, you guessed it! The Design Dollies are doing it all up HOLIDAY-STYLE! Let's see what wonderful Christmas/Holiday projects you can create - and remember it can be a card, scrapbook page, altered item, decoration, frame or other altered thing... Whatever floats your boats! We know we have friends all over the globe and from a variety of backgrounds (religious or otherwise), so anything to do with the holidays is absolutely welcome!

For a little inspiration, and maybe to get those holiday juices flowing (because quite frankly, I am TOTALLY struggling to get these projects rollin'!), here's what's been going on in the Studio at the Dollhouse...

Dana-Dollie made this BEAUTIFUL Christmas journal album -what a GREAT way to preserve the season's memories (and maybe look back to see what you might want to do DIFFERENTLY when next Christmas rolls around!):

Our Norwegian Nerdy-Dollie, Metal_Minish, brings us a very non-traditional Christmas TREE ("Jul" being Swedish for "Christmas") - in his very cute, unique and quirky style:

(And Adina-Dollie may be back to share her crafty little bidnizz when she's able to visit again, so watch for that!)

We Dollies are all about doing things a bit DIFFERENTLY, so we'd love to see what fabby and unique things you're going to show us! Link your projects below by next Monday, October 11th at midnight EST and you'll be entered to win a little something yummy from our sponsor, Scrap-A-Doodle-Doo!

Monday, October 4, 2010

September winner, and another funky color combo!

Hey there, friends and visitors to the Dollhouse! Thanks for dropping by again, and OOOHHH, we have a fabby October in store for you!

Let's kick things off first by saying THANK YOU to everyone who played along with the September Color Challenges - participation was wonderful, even for the colors that were outside many people's comfort zones, and the projects were just incredible. We love that so many talented crafters from around the WORLD (and it's a pretty big place, you know!) come to play along on our little blog. We are forever humbled!

So who was the big winner of this delish batch of BasicGrey goodness? Well a big congrats to the Trifectin' gal who gave us THIS little gem:

Well done, Roz K! You rocked the challenges last week, and kicked the Trifecta in the butt, and as a result, I will be very happy to send you THIS:

Roz, please drop me, Leah, a line at, and I will get these Halloweenie treats out for you!

So are you folks READY?! For the next round of challenges? 'Cuz we Dollies had a ton of fun with this one, your very first OCTOBER CHALLENGE! Here we go....

Red, Blue, Ivory and Brown

Now don't go getting all antsy on me - I KNOW you can do this! Our Dolls made it look easy (and I promise, it was!)... See for yourselves:

Penny rocked another of her famous two-pagers with this mucky little creation:

Chiqui gave us this gorgeous brown page with colors that just LEAP off the screen at you!

I, Leah the Orange, opted for a couple of krafty cards (natch!):

SEE? You CAN do this, people! Lots of manufacturers have JUST the papers in their recent collections to make this work, so now I leave this challenge in your very capable hands and I can't WAIT to see you work your magic. :)

I have a rather impressive pile of goodies to photograph, but I'm afraid I may not be able to do it for a few days, so you'll just have to take my word for it that the prize will be a good one, and well worth the effort for combos such as these. Scouts honor!

Play along with this one by next Sunday, October 10th at midnight EST and your name goes into "the hat" for this month's prize. Your project must be created NEW for the challenge, and you must link back here (at least to the Dollies blog, please!). Also, we've gotten some entries that link to an image rather than a blog post, or to the general blog rather than the specific post. When you publish your post featuring your Dollies challenge card, view that specific post and link THAT addy up below so that we may more easily find your gorgeous projects and leave you some Dollie-love!

Have fun with it, folks, and join us tomorrow for our second Trifecta ingredient! (click the link if you currently have a "what the HECK are you talking about?!" look on your face and you'll get the deets!)