Sunday, December 24, 2006


G'day my name is Kate and I live in Australia. I am 25 years old in April and I have two beautiful daughters who love the camera and hence why they feature so often in my layouts.

I was introduced to scrapbooking about 4 years ago but my addiction really started 2-3 years ago. You will find many scallops, clustering, flowers and everything outlined in pen on my pages. I have a fetish for pom pom trim and flowers.

I have always loved art & craft, and even as a little girl my most cherished possessions were my Crayola work station, my sticker books & my novelty eraser collection. The process to me is just as important as the finished page that I can look back on in years to come.

I am very enthusiastic about being a Dollie for the next three months, as I enjoyed my guest dt position for the month of March. What a great bunch of Dollies to play with and I cant wait to share my creations with you all.

You can find Kate's personal blog HERE!


Hi everyone! ^-^

Metal_Minish here. I'm a comic artist/illustrator from Sweden.
Never really growing up, I'm still being a big dreamer at heart, playing videogames, and love to draw... I love to create and get inspired by everything I experience, feel and see.

Scrapbooking came into my life in 2007, when a store opened in the town I lived in. I became curious, and stepped in. I realized that with this new hobby I could showcase my bunches of photos without them being just a boring slideshow on my computer, and at the same time bring out the best sides of the photo and tell the story behind it, all in one!

I like trying out new styles, always trying to develop my style and learn more.
Most of the time, you can tell it's my work from the combination of colorful details and dirty grunge, both in my art and my scrapbook layouts. And of course, you can tell it's my scrap from the photos...

My favorite photo motifs are my two BJD's (ball jointed dolls) boys named Nintendo and Konami, but they aren't the only thing I scrap about; many things from my nerdy life get a round at the scrap table when I'm at it! From dolls to cosplay, from picnics to a snapshot of today...

I'm always glad to have people visiting my blog, come take a look at my creations at! ^o^


My name is Melissa, I am almost 42, was an accountant previous to having my little boy 3 years ago, I am now a Stay at home single mum, I have been scrapping since I was pregnant, I loved the idea of documenting Nate’s life and giving him an insight into what his mum was like also.

I just love everything about scrapbooking, cutting up those gorgeous papers (which only recently has become easier) I used to think I can’t cut this, but have realised I can most times get another piece later, my style is very hard to define, I sometimes love negative space and other times fill the page with embellishments, so I guess it must be a mood thing for me.

I was so fortunate to find Design Dollies through Sarah-Lou who was a guest designer with them, I immediately related to the sketches and enjoyed the different challenges they do and well when the DT call came, I thought wow – I would love to be on this great team.

I have just had several submissions accepted with Scrapbook Creations so this is all very exciting, my dreams have always been to be on a fantastic Design Team and be published, 2010 seems to have started wonderfully for me. I am so looking forward to being on the Design Team here, the inspiration I receive from all the wonderful entries and of course the amazing Design Team members makes me want to start creating straight away.

I hope I can give you some inspiration with my contributions to this fantastic Blog, keep in mind that I get just as much inspiration from your gorgeous designs also.

Melissa's personal blog can be found HERE

Dana (Datatar)

Hi! My name is Dana, aka datatar. I'm 28 years old, a retired biochemist, and full time stay-at-home-mom. I live in Florida with my husband of 6 years, my 2 daughters and my basset hound. I started scrapbooking a little over 3 years ago, after the birth of my first daughter, as a way to preserve memories, and now I'm totally hooked. I love to mix products from different manufacturers on my layouts and I frequently find inspiration in music, poetry and pop culture. When I'm not scrapping, I enjoy cooking and baking, reading, listening to music and spending time outdoors.

Dana blogs HERE.


Hey there! My name is Heidi and I live in sunny Gilbert, AZ. I'm the proud mommy to two and wife to my hubs that I've been with for 19 years. We also have two spunky fur babies, my "first kids".

I got into what I call "simple scrapping" about 6 years ago but took a hiatus for a few years. Since jumping back in with both feet almost a year ago now I have discovered my quirky style, which is to say I really don't have one. I love to try new techniques and incorporate "non-scrap" items. (I'm formulating how to take on Leah's CHALLENGE that I could scrap with chicken bones...oh, yes, I will do it and I've already got an idea, ha ha ha!!!) I find I scrap best under pressure and with a challenge, which led me to partner with my good friend Diana for our Sketchy Thursdays sketch challenge blog. I'm an ALMOST daily blogger and LOVE to share my projects with others! I'm so excited to be a part of the Design Dollies' Design Team - it's just brimming with some of the most amazing scrappers and crafters out there and we are going to ROCK IT for you!!


Hello everyone. My name is Nicole, I am 27 years old, and I live in Chattanooga, Tennessee with my husband, Linton, and our 2 crazy munchkins. Braden is 4 and Mackenzie is 7. I am currently a part-time paralegal and full-time student.

I have always loved doing crafty things. I mean hey, I took Basket Weaving in high school. You may laugh, but really…I did, and it was cool. I would describe my style as bright and simple and I get my inspiration from anywhere and everywhere. It could be from a color combination that I saw on a shirt at the store, magazine ads, other art work, or something one of my kids did or said. I also love using weird stuff on my layouts and try to reuse and repurpose things. My all-time favorite scrapping item is American Craft Thickers...LOVE them...ALL of them!! I scrap because of my kids and for my kids. I want them to have memories and be able to share those memories with their families one day.


Hello! I'm Ellen Cristine Ogata Nomura, 27 years old, scrapper. I´m a fake (hehe) version of japanese because I´m a descendant of 4th generation ... I was born in Brazil, I live in Brazil, I enjoy staying in Brazil, I speak portuguese, but my genetic inheritance and culture came from Japan. I’ve been married to my sweet husband AndrĂ© for over 9 months, and we have a lovely puppy, Yully (this is my cute little family and they give me all the contentment in my life). I work part-time in a Private University as a Clinical Research Pharmacist.

I've been really into scrapbooking since 2006, when my dog (Lucc) died and I wanted something to keep him in my memory forever. I wanted to combine the memory of his love, the beautiful and fun things he taught me, and the same time feels around him. And I found something that perfectly combined all: the SCRAPBOOK. And sure enough I was addicted to scrapbooking from the moment I started working on my first layout...
The scrapbooking has become my way of preserving my fave photos and memories, which I personally consider it a treasure. They give me all the content of my life.

I usually start out my projects by chosing fave photo(s). I always start my LO project, drawing (pencil and paper). I put my ideas on a piece of paper and after that I develop. In my opinion, the planning is the main step but the most difficult, and execution is the most enjoyable and easier. I never finish a layout at one sitting... I like to leave it overnight and come back to it the next day or night with fresh ideas. Journaling is the last step in my creations. I love to use alternatives materials and techniques like fabrics, felt, sewing machine, buttons, acrylic paint, and colors, colors and colors (5 at least hehehe) on my pages.

Anyway, my craft space is in the closet and includes a bench, several shelves, organizers, a sound and a super large window. I define my craft space as something of heaven, a place where I feel light, quiet and mainly where I can forget the world ... No matter how stressful life gets, when I walk into my scraproom and start creating, all the worries of the day just wash away.

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

How We Roll!

New to Design Dollies or need a refresher? Well here is the "how to" on playing with the Dollies:

We run four challenges a month each hosted by a different Dollie. First up are our Color Challenges hosted by Leah; the second week of the month's challenge is an Elements Challenge brought to you by Adina and sponsored by Scrap-A-Doodle Doo; The third challenge of the month is a Sketch Challenge hosted by Kristy. Finally, the fourth week of the month is our designated Trifecta week in which all of the month's challenges are combined into one major challenge... Because this challenge is NOT for the weak at heart, it is being sponsored by One Stop Cards. A new project must be created for Trifecta week, even if you played along each week during the month.

Each of these individually is due a week after it is issued, by midnight EST the Sunday following each post.

All of our challenges have a prize drawing or RAK making for four drawings a month (see the right sidebar for the pics). These will be drawn when the first challenge of that category kicks off for the next month. To make sure you receive your entries, please make sure you link your projects into each challenge's Mr. Linky post. We want everyone to get all their entries in! :)

If at any time you have any questions or just want to give us a shout out don't hesitate to email us at We love hearing from you!!!

Sunday, October 1, 2006

Leah the Orange

Leah the Orange....

is a Canadian import
is a fish out of water
is in a band called yearlongday
is gushy and overly enthusiastic
refuses to grow up
still dyes her hair purple (and blue, and pink, and platinum)
is still working on that perfect tattoo
is (mostly!) blissfully married
is having trouble dealing with a feisty teenage son
is thrilled to work from home
is addicted to marshmallow peeps!
is madly in love with the colour orange
is a retro/new-wave kinda gal
is TOTALLY keen on '80s pop culture (like, fer sher!)
wishes it didn't rain so much in South Jersey
misses her Gram very much
thinks raw mushrooms are SCRUMMEH!
drinks a WHOLE lotta watta
digs splat-horror and indie/foreign flicks
often prefers watching movies alone
thinks Tomasello makes the BEST blueberry wine
has 200+ flavours of lip balm (but who's counting?)
sports funky knee-highs
loves her green and yellow daisy maryjane Docs bestest
is good to the environment
loves her kitty, and wants a bunny (or eight)
speaks her own language
has read Where The Wild Things Are a bazillion times
thinks bananas are icky
doesn't have cable
wears flowers in her hair
would trade her kingdom for a craft room!
blogs HERE


Thursday, September 7, 2006


Adina... Medina... The name says it all! :) Poet (LOL), creative freak... rhyming nut... :) Mother of a gorgeous six year old and wife of an equally gorgeous hunk...

I am a High School English teacher by day, and a wanna be crafter by night... My current addiciton is anything Graphic 45 or vintagesque... I LOVE lace! :) If only I could make ALL my modern pics into sepia toned vintagey portraits, well... the world would be a better place! :)

My current craft space consists of a dining room table, some hiding space under the couch, and a closet full of STUFF. I have picked out where I'd like to build my craft space, but have not put a single step towards it yet... Any ideas?

In the meantime, I am totally LOVING my dollies, and I can't wait to get playing with ya'll!! Welcome!! :)


Hi! I'm Kristy and I am a paper addict!


I've been really into scrapbooking since the birth of my daughter over 4 years ago but before that I was also addicted to a nice piece of Bristol to draw on. I know canvas isn't paper but that is also a minor obsession LOL. Luckily I have a hubby who is very understanding and supportive. Without him I don't think this would be half as fun... the eye rolls... the comments... :) Another thing that makes this hobby super fun is my kids, SUCH HAMS! They love their picture taken and can either put on a show or completely ignore it. Perfect! Last but not least I love scrappin with friends! Friends make it all the more fun!

As for me, I'm a full time workin momma who diligently CRAMS my scrapbooking in whenever I can! While drawing would have to be my first love since I've been doing it forever. Who really can spend hours sitting and drawing with two tinies using you as a jungle gym? LOL! Not me. Scrapping has become my first and foremost art form and I love how it lets my art be family time. My style has changed a lot so I call it eclectic artsy. I love to put on my podcast of the Freebeer and Hotwings Morning Show (radio show LOVE THEM!) and scrap. I never know how my LO's will turn out. Its an adventure LOL! You can see me here, my blog and at Gutter Girlz. My Scrap Therapy place :)!

My big scrappy wish would be to have a touch more room. I have one cabinet and a small table. That poor table is always elbow deep in mess :)

Thanks for joining us here! Lovin my dollies!!!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Meet Penny!

This is me, Penny...

A 70's baby

Wife of Farmer Tim

Loves being Mumma to our three giggling girls, Princess Kate 10, Princess Bethany 8 and Princess Mia 6

Lives in NSW Australia on a cattle farm in a rickety 100 year old house

Has a desperate need to record every small part of this crazy busy whirlwind life that flies by way too fast for my liking

Never puts layouts in albums

Loves to don an apron and bake

Studied psychology and philosophy

Cannot resist anything that has polka dots, cupcakes or babushka dolls

Prefers feel-good chick-flicks and soppy tear-jerkers

Spent my entire childhood on horseback

Drinks frothy chai tea and champagne (just not together!)

Never leaves the house without makeup

Demands the return of Lolly Gobble Bliss Bombs

Thinks my Dad would be proud of me

Fantasises about glamorous city living but is a country girl at heart

Likes to keep the peace

Would wish for a foot massage every single day

Never misses an episode of Glee, Survivor or Masterchef

Believes everything happens for a reason

Has a thing for double layouts

Never irons.....EVER

Does yoga....ommmmmm....

Collects hoop earrings, winter scarves, cookie cutters and patterned paper

Can spend hours in a kitchenwares store

Has a scrapping style that is cute, playful and rainbow bright

Would love for you to visit my blog Scissors Paper Pen

Is soooooo happy to be here!

Meet Nicole!

My name is Nicole... I am so excited to be a Dollie. I am from California but I live part time in Norway above the Arctic Circle and part in California. I seem to be spending a lot more time in Norway than California these days. I am married to a pilot and we have a beautiful two year old daughter. Right now I am a stay at home mom and I love it!. I have a true passion to create... I love scrapbooking, painting and sewing. I have pretty much been scraping as long as I can remember. I still have my first scrapbook I made when I was about 8. It is a book full of trinkets from summer camp and very odd pictures (people's legs, tree trunks, and the ground). My scrapbooking skills have certainly grown since then... I had to set my crafting aside in 2007 when I got pregnant with daughter due to being very ill. Unfortunately during giving birth I was injured and still could not scrapbook. I missed scrapbooking so much that in April this year I decided to dust off the tools and jump back in. I was amazed to find a whole scrapbooking community online and I just had to be part of it... I joined kit clubs, forums and challenge blogs. My fave challenge blog is Design Dollies so it such a wonderful blessing to be part of the design team. I love visiting blogs because I draw so much inspiration from all the talent out there so don't be surprised to see me drop by. I had to have my own blog and am so proud to have designed it myself. Come on by and see me any time at Thanks for playing along with us at Design Dollies.

Meet Chiqui!

Hi to all! I’m Chiqui Gutierrez from the tropical islands of the Philippines and I’m really happy to be part of the design team! I’m in my late 30’s, married to Herbert for 8 years and blessed with two darling daughters who continue to surprise me everyday. Julia is turning 8 soon and Ally is 4 years old.

I work as a Pediatrician and in between work and mommy duties, you’ll find me scrapping. I’ve been addicted to this hobby for 3 years now and I wish I discovered it earlier. I love scrapping coz I love photos and how a layout tells a story about it. I absolutely adore scrap shopping (I know all of you can relate), & of course all the hard-to-resist scrap goodies. It also amazes me how friendships have formed from all around the globe because of this craft. I’m also blessed to have a group of scrapping buddies in our town and it’s always a blast when we get together to scrap!

I’m not sure if I have a particular style but I love shabby chic layouts as well as clean and simple ones. Having two girls, my layouts tend to be girly. I love layering, hand cutting, & clustering of embellishments.

My scrapping goal is to just continue with this hobby and have fun in the process! I hope you are one with me in achieving this goal!

Feel free to visit my blog (

Meet Karen

Hi everyone. I'm Karen. I live in South East Queensland, Australia, with my husband and 9 year old daughter. We are fortunate to have a 10 acre bush block surrounded by lots of wildlife.

I've been scrapping for almost six years, and in the past few years I've become more confident with cards and stamping too. I’m having fun trying to master the whole stamping-and-colouring thing but I think I’m getting better! Creating brings me peace - it relaxes me, but it energises me too. I'm addicted to challenges of any kind, and I’ve never met a colour combo that I wouldn't try.

My favourite techniques are distressing and machine stitching - I just love 'value-adding'.

My favourite thing about scrapping is that there's NO RULES - inside this quiet exterior lives a rebel ;)

I have a blog at I update every few days, sometimes daily, when I have new creations to share. I hop around the blog-o-sphere at an alarming rate, seeking out new challenges and inspiration. I hang out at a couple of online forums too.

But... my favourite challenge blog is right here - and I'm so thrilled to be on the Design Dollies team for the next six months!