Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June's Final Elementary Tuesday!!

And welcome to another fine (hot!!) Elementary Tuesday with the Dollies... From where I'm sitting, it's a GREAT day to escape the heat and stay indoors to play with this week's challenge and WAY too hot to be outside! :)

This week's Ribbon Extravaganza asks you to be creative in your use of ribbons -- at least two different kinds/colors/patterns -- in your project of choice. AND an added bonus entry will be given to any player who thinks OUTSIDE of the norm and uses ribbons to create something unexpected... Kind of like some of our DT did!! :)

First, our GDT Vicki used some gorgeous ribbon combinations to create this cute card:

And check out Kate's combination of stapled ribbons and ribbon flowers in THIS doozy:
And THEN as if it could get any better, Dana decided to blow the top off the challenge with THIS gorgeous arrangment:
And Adina played around with this simple thank you card:

And there you have it! Please link up your ribbon extravaganza via Mr. Linky by midnight on Monday July 5th. And do please mention this dollilicious challenge in your post!! :)

Monday, June 28, 2010

It's COLOR CHALLENGE Monday again!

WHERE is the summer going? Can you believe it's already nearing the end of June, and soon we'll be giving our new Dollies their grand debut here? We hope everybody is enjoying their summer, and for those of you with time off, WOOT! Vacations? Family outings? What's on the agenda?

A big thanks to everybody who played along with last week's challenge... Apparently we couldn't scare you crafty folks away with the yellow and grey combo, because those who played ROCKED it! Gorgeous submissions, everybody! And we're happy you were inspired!

But down to business... Today is the LAST color challenge for June, and therefore, your last chance to win my hodgepodge prize package. What can you do with THESE colors?

Light Green, Dark Green, Kraft and Pink

(I apologize, as the kraft swatch often looks like dusty rose,
but I assure you, it's not supposed to be pinkish!)

So... for a chance at this prize:

you should play along with the Design Dollies!

Here's what our talented Dolls did with this one....

Melissa, one of our super clever, fabby Aussie-Dolls:

Your gracious hostess, Leah the Orange (that's me!):

Our brilliantly nerdy Swede, Metal_Minish ("Tack" means "Thank You"):

and our beautiful Adina-Dollie, who's still making thank you cards for her baby shower!:

Whatcha think, friends? Can you rock this combo like our Dollies have done so well? Last chance for the June prize! Get to it, link your newly-created projects below, and be sure to link back to the Dollies in your blog post! You have until next SUNDAY, July 4th at midnight EST to get this one done - either on its own or with the TRIFECTA. We can't wait to see your gorgeous creations!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy Thursday!

Well the lazy days of summer are here but while schedules slip mine this week flipped completely and I thought it was Wednesday. LOL. SO here we are with today's Sketch!

Here's what our lovely Dollies did with the last sketch of their term :)




WOW! What fabby entries from our Dolls! This is your last ingredient for this weeks Trifecta! So get in on it! You've got until June 30 at midnight EST to get in on the sketch or June 27 at midnight EST to get in on the Trifecta. Show us what ya got! Link us up babah!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June's COLOR CHALLENGES prize! (finally!)

Again, I am so sorry for the delay! But here's the prize for the Color Challenges this month!

Included are:
Autumn Leaves clear stamp set - "Doodley Frames" - 8 pcs
Cosmo Cricket Blackboard (black chipboard) - "Get Happy" - 52 pcs
Basic Grey Sparkling Rubs (rubons with gemstones)
Prima Pebbles - 8 pcs
Prima flowers assortment - pinks
Jolee's Boutiques dimensional trims - 3 pcs
K & Company "Beyond Postmarks" pastel button brads - 16 pcs
Making Memories tiny alphabet stickers - pink on black - 156 pcs
Recollections trims - 4 trims, 1 yd each
EK Success - Sticko silver alphabets - 219 pcs
round paper clips
selection of trims/ribbons

There you have it! Now play!


Yesterday marked the OFFICIAL first day of summer, although we've been celebrating summer since.... well, since May at LEAST! :) AND our favorite part of summer HAS to be the ice cream... the trucks come twice a day now and we always stock up on our favorite flavors for the "kids" :).

SO, this week's elements challenge is to let YOUR favorite ice cream flavor dictate your color palate... And let's celebrate the SWEET things in life!! :)

Inspiration from Metal_Minish
(Strawberry, blueberry, and pistachio... with sprinkles!)
Adina's take on Neopolitan flavors
And Kate's Cookies n Cream interpretation!

So there you have it folks... All ice cream inspired creations must be duly labeled so with an explanation of your favorite flavor and posted via Mr. Linky by no later than midnight, June 28th in order to be included in this month's Elements drawing. Enjoy!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

a NEW Color Challenge for your enjoyment!

WELCOME TO MONDAY, friends of the Dollhouse!
We have a fun new color combination for you today, but last week's entries are going to be a tough act to follow, so don't be scared! :) We Dollies had some fun with this one...

First of all, I do apologize for not having a photo of the new prize package up - it's sitting in my window, awaiting capture by my camera, but I have yet to charge my batteries (I had taken pics before, but forgot to add the trims!). I promise I'll show you before the end of the week! :D

Okay, on with the challenge! Your colors for this one:

Not too scary, right? :) See how easy our Dollies made this one look...

Our fabby Guest Dollie for June, VICKI:

our in-house artiste, Kristy:

our returning Dollie, Dana:

and me, Leah the Orange:

Think you can handle that one? WELLLLLL..... get to it! You have until next SUNDAY, JUNE 27th at midnight EST to submit your newly-created project below. Be sure to link back to the Dollies in your blog post, and HAVE FUN! :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

An Elementary Winner...

Thank you all for your patience and continued well wishes! Little man Elijah is TOTALLY doing well and gaining weight in leaps and bounds... he's now six pounds five ounces, and although the doctors are still prescribing precaution when it comes to his care, I'm confident we can treat him like a "regular" baby now! :)

AND that being said, I am WAY behind on announcing May's Elements winner...

Laycee, when you get a sec, please email us with your mailing address and I'll try to get your prize out as soon as I can find out how to lug both kids out without exposing Elijah to a "crowded" area... I have done drive bys of the post office twice, and it was way too crowded to take the chance of exposing him to "enclosed" germs (these are actually the doctor's own words!!)
ANYWHOO... thanks again for all the patience and well wishes... And don't forget to play along with this month's Elements challenges for more chances to win! :)

Thursday Sketch Challenge!

Welcome back ladies! I'm so glad you've joined us again this week. Alot of fun around the bend here so lets get started!

Here's what our lovely Dollies put to paper...

Our GDT Vicki

Metal Minish


So what do you think? Can you see you LO in your mind's eye yet? Well you have until June 23rd at midnight EST to get the sketch done and linked up OR if you are taking on the larger challenge of our Trifecta then you have until June 20th at midnight EST to get it in. So take your sketchy invitation to the Dollhouse and make a stay!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sandy Days Ahead!!!!

Welcome to another Elementary Tuesday Crafters!! This week's challenge is to begin thinking about those gorgeous sunny, summery, beachy days ahead... and craft 'em! :) Create a predominantly SANDY project in honor of upcoming relaxing days!

And as always, here's some inspiration from your favorite Dollies!

Dana created this crafty 3D photo cube....

And Melissa crafted this GAWJUSS layout!

And Adina played with some G45 and Mudd Puddles for this Vintagey Summer Card

So now it's YOUR turn to play along. Please upload your newly-created sandy projects via Mr. Linky by midnight on Monday, June 21st in order to be included in this month's Elements Prize draw... Link back to us in your blog post, and as always, happy scrapping!

Monday, June 14, 2010

welcome to another COLORFUL Monday with the Dollies!

Hello hello, from the Dollhouse! We hope you've all had a fantastic weekend, and you're all ready to tackle another week of challenges with the Dollies! :)

We had some seriously AMAZING entries for last week's color challenge, and it's always so nice to see the many variations in your projects - thank you, as always, for being so enthusiastic and supportive! I hope you'll be just as excited about today's challenge... Are you ready for it? Here we go!

The following must be the predominant colors in your project:

I was personally TERRIFIED of this combination, as I am violently allergic to PURPLE! But I often create these challenges to push myself, and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it - I may even go back to it again in the future!

Check out the Dollies' creations for this one...

KATE masterfully combined these colors for a stunningly peaceful, gorgeous page:
Kristy whipped up this little beauty and I swear these colors were DESTINED to appear together here:

And Leah the Orange (that's ME!) - a bright and happy card using some of my favorite elements (mmm, BALL TRIM and ORANGE SPARKLY LETTERS!):

So there THAT is. Another scary combo under our belts! Think you can handle it? Yeah, we're quite sure you'll rock it, so go to it!

Be sure to upload your NEWLY-CREATED project below by next SUNDAY, June 20th at midnight, EST for your chance to win some seriously scrummy treats!

Link back to the Dollies blog in your blog post, and HAPPY CRAFTIN'! (And pop on back tomorrow for our next Elements Challenge - ingredient number two in this week's TRIFECTA!)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Thursday, Sketch Day

Welcome to the last bit of our Trifecta for the week! I say that b/c Trifecta submissions are thru the roof! More for your money, eh? Don't worry though, you can just do one challenge if you'd like or heck, combine two! We're not picky ;) Without further ado...

Lots to play with on this one! Here's what our Dollies did...

See? Lots of variety here. What can you do with it? You've got until June 16 at midnight EST to get in on the sketch (new projects, please!) or June 13th at midnight EST to get in on the Trifecta. Link us up baby, and make sure you link back to us, too!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A day or two late and a dollar shy... With some Pomp and Circumstance!

BUT I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaccccccccccckkkkkkk... (Didja miss me??) So sorry to be posting this week's elements challenge late, BUT without further ado, here goes...

This week, we are challenging you to celebrate a graduation (or growth?) in life... And here's some inspiration from your favorite dollies to get you started!

And I must take a minute to thank everyone for their well wishes and prayers as Baby Elijah made his early entry into this world! He is doing VERY well and I'm sure I'll begin posting projects featuring him soon! :)

I will be back soon with a May elements winner... the June elements prize is linked to the sidebar now, so please do play along by uploading your Pomp and Circumstance project via Mr. Linky before midnight on Monday, June 14th to qualify for that stash!

Congrats to the MAY Color Challenge WINNER! and a new color combo!

It's crazy early on TUESDAY morning, and I do apologize for the delay in posting - some family DRAMA crept up and I'm just glad to have trudged through it today. Being a mom of a teen is TOUGH, lemme tell ya!

Well some people managed to squeak in a final project for last week's Color Challenge, and that's perfectly fine as Blogger has been acting like a bit of a royal TURD lately! I put all the names and entries into the randomizer and it spit out a winner....

Congrats to HEATHER GARL! She gave us this wonderfully creative page for the Blue, Green, Brown and White challenge:

Heather, please drop me (Leah) a line at spazzicassi@yahoo.ca and I will happily send out your Basic Grey prize pack so you can create some "offbeat" pages and cards like this one! :) Fabulous work - LOVED the way you created your scene, and thanks for playin' along!

Today, let's get the ball rollin' for JUNE (I love June!), with our very first color combo... I'll post a piccie of the new prize pack (and it's gonna be a good one, I promise!) later today, so check back to this very post for the edit!

Your first Color Challenge assignment.....

And here's a little bit of inspiration to get you started!

Our Guest Dollie for June, VICKI, created this stunner of a layout of her sweet nephew:

The fabby Melissa brought the WOW factor with this page about her adorable lil' man (it reads "so lucky U love me"):

And me, your gracious hostess, Leah the Orange, with a simple card (I will likely be making many of these simple projects for an upcoming craft fair, so be forewarned!):

So, with those examples hurled at you, what kind of project will you share with us? It doesn't have to be a layout, or even a card. It can be anything you'd like as long as it's CRAFTY, and as long as it's NEW for this challenge! Don't forget to link back to the Dollhouse in your blog post, and link up by next SUNDAY, June 13th at midnight EST... We can't wait to see your gorgeous projects! Happy craftin', friends, and come back here later to see what you can win! :D