Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Last Sketch for the First Month of 2010!

Welcome to the last Sketch Challenge on Design Dollies for January! We've had some heavy hitters this month. The new DT is bringin their game and giving us soooooo much inspiration that, I don't know about you, but I feel like I've totally had to step it up a notch, ya know? Don't forget to come back next week and see who wins the prize this month! You still have time to get in on it!

Without further ado... and a bit of rambling... here is the sketch:

Let's see what you can do with THAT! Here's what the Dollies did...

(her pic here has me totally misty eyed!)

Kristy (me lol)

and our Guest Design Dollie for January, Karen!!! She has totally RAWKD the challenges this month and we'll be sad to see her go!

This is Karen's last installment on a super cute calendar she made for her DD of her guineas. Adorable!!!

There ya be ladies! Have at it!!! We've been seeing a lot of Trifecta takers lately and hope we'll see some more! They have been AWESOME! Truly! To get in on that action you have until Sunday at midnight est. To just take on my sketch you have until Wednesday at midnight est.

as I always say... LINK US UP BABY!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Happy Birthday to YOU, Happy Birthday to YOU, Happy BIRTHDAY, dear.... {insert name}, Happy Birthday to YOU!

My (Adina's) "baby" sister is turning a whopping 22 years old in 4 hours... I have NO idea where the time has gone... It feels like just yesterday I was dropping her in her stroller down the stairs to our house as I took her for one of our VERY many walks. Or trying to coax her into a dress when all she wanted to do was wear pants...

In honor of upcoming birthdays this year, this week's elements challenge is to incorporate a birthday theme into your next project...

Here's some Sassy inspiration from our Dollies to get you motivated!


So grab your party hats and upload your birthday inspired projects by no later than midnight on Monday, February 1st (don't forget to link back to US!) to be included in the drawing for this Scrappy prize:

Monday, January 25, 2010

Design Dollies are bringin' the BLUE!

it's a HORRIBLY dreary Monday morning in the Orange household - lots of rain, grey and bleak, and no hope whatsoever of taking a proper photo with natural light. New Jersey rain is like none other... even folks from merry ole England have told me that it gets a little ridiculous here! i just hope it doesn't last the whole week, which it is wont to do in NJ.

okay, rambling!
a HUGE thank you to everyone who played along with last week's Color Challenge - i had a feeling that color trio would be a popular one, and you, my friends, AMAZED me with your submissions! that will surely be a go-to post for future inspiration when i'm in a rut, because you crafters did some BEAUTIFUL work!

but all good things must come to an end, or so they say. with that, i bring you a brand NEW challenge, and one that is highly appropriate given this weather.

this week, i'm looking for MONOCHROMATIC BLUES in your projects. so the rule for this one is quite simple; nuttin' but blue! your cardstock, your patterned papers, your flowers, your brads, your bling - all shades of BLUE!

how's about a taste from the Dollies?

Karen, our amazing inaugural GUEST Design Dollie, gives us THIS masterpiece (who says blue has to look sad?!):

Adina, rocking the vintage and distressing as always, created this gorgeous tall card (you have my address, girlfriend!):

i, Leah the Orange, inked up my new stamp from Amy Young's Sweet November line (this one is "Chanter"):

Ellen, with her wonderful, whimsical flair, wowed me with THIS beautiful layout:

and Nicole, who turns to the bright, bold colors when she gets crafty, still knocked my socks off with this lovely CAS wintry card:

SO! now you've seen a few different ways to interpret the color scheme into your project, and i'm quite anxious to see what you'll do with it! this is the FINAL color challenge of January, which means your last shot at this yummy prize pack:

you have until next SUNDAY, January 31st at midnight EST to play along with this one. PLEASE remember to read the rules entirely, add your blog post to Mr. Linky below and be sure to link back to us in your post in order to qualify. projects MUST be created new for this challenge!

we'll be back tomorrow with a fun, festive Elements Challenge, which you are welcome to combine with this one for chances to win MORE goodies! have fun, fellow crafters!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

due to some technical difficulties, we are bringing you the new ELEMENTS challenge now!

sorry for the delay, folks!
there were some technical issues on our Dollie, Adina's end, so she's asked me to post this for her... we apologize for the delay, and as a result, we'll give you until next WEDNESDAY at midnight EST to play along with this Elements challenge. (we'll post the next one on Tuesday, on schedule, but we'll extend this one for those who might like the extra time)

now then... anyone for The Sound of Music?
this challenge is all about your FAVORITE THINGS!

"When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I'm feeling sad, I simply remember my favorite things, and then I don't feel..." - you get the gist! Incorporate THREE items from the song in a project, and TELL US what they are. keep in mind we're not talking about three of your favorite CRAFTING items, like brads or distressing or what have you, but perhaps your favorite foods, vacation spot, type of music, that kind of thing... OR take direct quotes from the song and incorporate THOSE into the project. sounds complicated, right? check out what our Dollies have done!

ELLEN showed us 10 of her favorite things...

NICOLE used a satin ribbon ("blue satin sashes"), her dog (who DOESN'T bite!), the words "bee" ("when the bee stings") and "sad" ("when i'm feeling saaaaaaad"), and her button is tied up with string. get it? :)

ADINA used the title, the bright copper kettle (as shown in the second page photo), and she mentioned apple streudel in the journalling. this is what we're talkin' about, folks!

you can do this, right? we KNOW you can, and we can't wait to see what you'll do with this prompt!

link your project up to our dear friend Mr. Linky below by midnight next WEDNESDAY, January 27th, and be sure to link back to us in your blog post! don't forget that your project must be created NEW for this challenge. HAVE FUN! (and good luck getting the song out of your heads!)


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Week, New Sketch!

Yes you've guessed it! I've run out of drawing/sketching puns. Email us if you have more :)

But its still true new week, new sketch! Not to mention its the last ingredient for that ever ellusive Trifecta if you are brave enough to take on that challenge. Most reward for the littlest effort! Try it! You never know how much fun it can be! Speaking of that last ingredient, here it is!

I dare say our Dollies had fun with this one!!! We've got three fun layouts for your inspirational pleasure!

First Heidi...

Next Leah (who says she can't scrap PFFT!)...

Lastly me, Kristy...

Now how about you? I would love to see YOUR take on this sketch! I would also dig your take on the Trifecta! How fun would that combo be!!! Someone make that dream come true! You have until Wednesday Jan 27 to submit your entry in good ol' Mr Linky for this challenge and until Jan 24 for the Trifecta. All by midnight EST if you are up that late ;) so give it a go and LINK US UP, BABY!

Monday, January 18, 2010

a FAVE Color Combo Challenge from Design Dollies!

welcome to another week, crafters! we hope you got all kinds of inky and messy over the weekend, busy playing around with challenges and WELCOMING SPRING with some bright and cheery projects. you knocked our socks off with last week's fuschia and pale yellow color challenge - AMAZING, gorgeous submissions! thanks to everyone who played along, and i hope you'll be just as excited about this one, because it's probably my favorite to date. :)

here's the prize package for the January Color Challenges, in case you need a reminder:

lots of bright, sunshiny goodness to play with!

and today's yummy colors, brought to you by the letters D and L, and by the number 9:


so, to kick off the week and give you a bit of inspiration (as if the colors aren't enough).... a little sumpin'-sumpin' from our Dollies!

from our Guest Design Dollie, Karen (who has been wowing us all month!):

our in-house Artiste Extraordinaire (have you checked out her brand new website yet?!), Kristy:

yours truly, Leah the Orange:

and from our brilliant Brazilian Dollie, Ellen:

so? you rikey? i'm pretty sure the wheels are already turnin' for many of you, so JUMP IN! start your week off Dollie-style, and play along! you have until SUNDAY, January 24th at midnight EST to have your project uploaded to Mr. Linky - be sure to link back to us on your blog, and remember that your project must be NEW for this challenge. can't wait to see all the brilliant work from our talented followers!

HAPPY MONDAY, everybody! :D

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A new bit of Sketchiness!

Mornin Dollies!!! I hope walking thru our Winter Wonderland yesterday hasn't frozen your creativity because I want to see what you can do with this weeks Sketch!

A lil bit of angle and some room for interpretation... what more can you ask for in a sketch? Here's what our Dollies did with it...

A lot of different takes on this one! Love to see how everyone's style comes thru with these!

Now for the Rules and Regulations :)

Entries for just this Sketch Challenge are due by Wednesday January 20 at Midnight Est. If you wanna get in on the singular opportunity of the Trifecta the your submission (that includes the element from all three of our challenges for this week: Color, Elements and Sketch all in one project) needs to be posted by Sunday January 17th at midnight. The Trifecta is the easiest way to get the biggest bang for your buck! Give it a go!

Link us up!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Design Dollies lurrrrrrrve SOME ODD GIRL!

WE LOVE Some Odd Girl, and we know you will, too!

our fabulous Dollie, Kristy has launched her amazing website, and it's FULL of sweet digital stamps! there's a HUGE launch sale going on right now - 25% off EVERYTHING in the store, and if you buy 5 digis, you'll get a coupon for 50% off your next one! they're reasonably priced, they're ADORABLE, and they're just another reason why Kristy ROCKS!

go see. if you dig the cutesy, Kawaii style, and can appreciate two smiley-faced cupcakes in love, you're gonna TOTALLY love Some Odd Girl! :D

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Walking in a Winter... Wonderland!

How are YOU handling old Jack Frost these days? Here in Northern NJ, we are waiting anxiously for the promised heatwave... We're expecting temps to go ALL the way up to 42 degrees tomorrow!! Right now with wind chill we're at about 9 degrees... If we DO make it up to 42 it'll be time for the booty shorts!! :) Ok, maybe not so much... WELL, our Dollies have some Winter inspiration for you if you're in the middle of a deep freeze! :)


So YOUR challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to create your most wintry project yet and upload your creations to Mr. Linky no later than Monday, January 18th at midnight (be sure to link back to us in your blog post!). Your project must be created BRAND NEW for this challenge. All qualified entrants will be considered for THIS scrappy prize:

Have fun!