Monday, November 30, 2009

the Dollies have a new colour challenge for you!

believe me when i tell you that this was NOT an easy one for any of us! but what's a challenge, if not challenging? :)

i'll be back later today to sort out the submissions for the November Colour Challenges, and i'll announce the winner of my prize pack later today, and show you the NEW prize pack for the December Colour Challenges!

this WEDNESDAY also ends our Design Team Call! there's still time to send us a little bio and three projects which reflect a bit of "outside-of-the-box" craftin', and we'll be deliberating for a few days and notifying our potential new Dollies shortly thereafter. join us next MONDAY when we introduce you to the team! :)

okay, so are you ready for your challenge? this would technically be the last one for November, but we'll call it the first one for December instead, and kick things off the right way.

you'll have until next SUNDAY, December 6, at midnight EST, to upload your...
MONOCHROMATIC PURPLE projects to Mr. Linky for a chance to win another yummy prize pack! yeah, MONO PURPLE. you can have HINTS of other colours in your projects, especially if using photos, but PURPLE must be the predominant colour throughout.

good luck, right? well despite some furrowed brows from the Dollies, we trudged through it, and came up with these:



and yours truly, Leah the Orange:

none of us really uses much PURPLE in our projects, but perhaps it's a favourite of some of our followers? let's see what you can do with it! :)

(come back later today to catch the winner of our November Colour Challenges, and to see the prize package for our December Colour Challenges!)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Show some Thanks!

Don't forget! Our DT call is closing on Dec 2! Click HERE for all the details! We can't wait to hear from YOU!


What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? That is our big question with this week's sketch challenge :) Happy Turkey day by the by! LOL I know this year I am thankful to be able to be here playing with you FABULOUS people!!! Lots to be thankful for!

So this week, as an added challenge, I would love it if you would take my humble sketch and make it into a masterpiece of thankfulness! In other words, use Thankful (or Thanks) as a theme to use with the sketch.

Here it is...

Here is some inspiration to go along with it!




Got it? Well this is also the last piece to the Triple Threat Triade for this week (yep another version of the name :D ) . So this here sketch is due by next Wednesday by midnight but the TTT is due by Sunday midnight (midnight going into monday type of midnight). I can't wait to see everything you are thankful for!!! Keep entering and you can be thankful you won this:

YUMMY GOODIES!!! Link us up! Spread the word! I also have blog candy going right now for spreading the word so go and check it out!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Water difference a day makes...

And the cheesy titles just keep rolling on out... :)

Today we were SUPPOSED to be leaving on a mini-cruise to the Bahamas to celebrate my hubby's thirtieth birthday (which is also today, so happy birthday Andrew!!)... Instead, we are going out for birthday dinner, lol... I could just imagine what kind of reaction my morning (and afternoon, and night...) sickness would have on a cruise ship these days! :)

SO, today's challenge is to incorporate a watery theme into your project. I want to see at least three elements that represent water somewhere in your creative masterpiece.
And here's some Dollilicious Inspiration...


Leah the Orange


All entries must be uploaded via Mr. Linky by midnight on November 30th to be entered for this month's drawing for THIS cool little prize pack...

So get scrappy ladies! And have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! :)

Monday, November 23, 2009

new COLOR CHALLENGE at Design Dollies!

GOOD MORNING! yes, it's MONDAY, and that seldom means it's good, but i had a great weekend, personally, and i hope you all did, too! now you're all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, and rarin' to go with another week with The Dollies, right?

the red and grey challenge is now closed, and today, i bring you something that will PROBABLY be much easier to work with...


other colours may be present, in moderation!

The Dollies had a little play - here are some ideas to get your creative juices bubblin'...

Leah the Orange:



and of course, the November prize pack for the Color Challenges:

tomorrow, we'll bring you another ELEMENTS CHALLENGE, and you are welcome to combine it with today's challenge, or you can wait until thursday, when the next SKETCH CHALLENGE will be posted, and you can play with all three, for a chance at all three prize packs! be sure to submit your entry via Mr. Linky by SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 29th, at midnight EST to be eligible! we can't wait to see what you'll do with this!

annnnd, don't forget to visit me (Leah) at The Chronicles of Orange and check out my BLOG CANDY! it ends tonight at midnight, so hurry!

and holy sweet tooth, Batman! there's blog candy at Kristy's blog, too, in celebration of our forthcoming new Dollies! :D

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sketch in the scrappy goodness!

Howdy everyone! it's Thursday here at Design Dollies and you know what that means!

Sketch Challenge Time!

I know some of you are holdin' out for this last piece to the puzzle so you can get to work on your "trifecta" so without further ado here is this week's sketch...

Lotsa room for interpretation on this one peoples! So here is some inspiration from your fav Dollies to get those cutters cuttin'!

Leah the Orange


(that's super! I can never manage to put anything inside till I go to give it away!)


Ok! I am so totally revved up that if I didn't now have to head off to work I would be hard at work at my scrappy table! Well you are just gonna have to do it for me! Get to work ladies and show me what ya got and you will get in on our November drawing for some good treats! You have until Wednesday, November 25 at midnight (est) to rawk the sketch or till Sunday at midnight (est) to humble us with your "Trifecta."

ALSO don't forget to get your name in for our DT call! We want some fun new Dollies to share this adventure with! GO HERE to get all the details!

deadline reminder from the Dollies!

hi gang!

Leah here, on a bright and brisk wednesday morning. autumn in new jersey is LOVELY and i'm surrounded by fallen leaves and gorgeous colours.

i just wanted to take a moment to thank you all for your continued support, and for the participation we've had - we're VERY pleased with the growing success of our humble little blog!

but i also wanted to remind everyone to watch the deadlines for our challenges; they are always posted with the challenges, and always fall at midnight before the day the next challenges post for each category - unless, of course, you're doing the triple threat, which must be submitted by sunday at midnight EST before the next colour challenge posts. here's the rundown:

MON - Colour Challenge. due the following SUNDAY, midnight EST
TUES - Element Challenge. due the following MONDAY, midnight EST
THURS - Sketch Challenge. due the following WEDNESDAY, midnight EST
TRIPLE THREAT TRIFECTA THINGY - combine any or all challenges into one project. due on SUNDAY, midnight EST, to coincide with the Colour Challenge.

please please please let us know if you have any questions about this... we know it's not the simplest of recipes, but as long as you're keeping in mind when the next challenge for that category posts, hopefully you can keep track of the deadline a little easier. (you can always check The Daily Dare to see when we've posted)

we have seen a lot of AMAZING entries, and we know that there are a lot of challenge blogs out there, with various deadlines, so please check to make sure that you have beat the clock before sharing your links with us - we'd hate for some of your beautiful creations to be eliminated from the draw because of the time they're linked! and we apologize for those who haven't quite met the deadlines - your hard work and talent are admired and appreciated, and we hope you'll continue to play along. :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Pocket full of Posies

Hello out there in blog land! So so so sorry for the late post, but today has been... eventful, to say the least! :) We recently found out that we (Adina Medina and family) are expecting a second child, and today we confirmed that the baby is safely 7 weeks along... And 33 more to go, lol! :) And what better gift does one get when having a baby but flowers? (Ok, so pampers may be more appropo, but not so pretty on a layout...) Aptly so, today's challenge is to incorporate FLOWERS into your project... At LEAST 7 to 10 flowers should be predominant throughout to match the theme... And if you'd like to send some real flowers my way, just email us and I'd be more than happy to send you my address and hospital information... in 33 weeks that is... :)

And here's some Dollilicious inspiration for ya'll!



Leah L'Orange

So let's see how many posies YOU can combine!! :) Upload your creations to Mr. Linky by Monday, November 23 to be entered for this Dollified prize:

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Dollies have a new colour challenge for you!

did ya have a fantastic weekend, folks? the weather here in New Jersey got exceptionally warm yesterday, and we're told there are several more days like this ahead - temps were up over 70 degrees yesterday and we can expect 60s or higher all week. MID-NOVEMBER! global warming is a very strange phenomenon, indeed.

okay, enough of the small talk, right? :)

the triple threat trifecta challenge thingy is closed as of midnight last night, so today i am giving you the first ingredient in this week's package... the colour challenge submissions we saw last week were AMAZING, and i'd like to thank you all for playing and continuing to show your support for the Dollies!

interested in becoming a Design Dollie? check out this post for details! we can't wait to hear from you! a few applications have already come in, so thank you to those talented ladies, who now have to wait a couple of weeks before they hear anything back. ;) waiting's the fun part, right?

all righty then...
if you want a chance to win this prize

(is that monster stamp not the cutest thing?!)
you can submit your work for this combo

not the easiest one to work with, right? well that's why it's called a challenge (and believe me, i struggled with it, too!)...

and how would you like some inspiration from the Dollies?



and moi, Leah the Orange:

well? how ya like DEM apples? think you can hack it? upload your entries to Mr. Linky no later than Sunday, November 22 at midnight EST for your chance to win! tomorrow we'll be bringing you this week's ELEMENTS CHALLENGE, so you are welcome to combine these two, OR you can wait until our next SKETCH CHALLENGE is revealed on thursday to play with all three (for a chance at all three of the prize packages)!

good luck! and don't hesitate to use the KONTACTR button on the top right if you have any questions about our challenges or out design team call!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Design Dollies new SKETCH CHALLENGE and DT CALL!

We've seen a LOT of amazing entries over the last week, and November is obviously going to be a great month for us! Thank you so much to all who have participated in our challenges, and the Design Team applications are already coming in! We can't thank you enough for all the kind words you've shared with us, and we're thrilled that so many of you seem to ENJOY our little corner of the web! We hope the excitement and enthusiasm continues. :)

Now, today is Thursday, which means The Dollies have another sketch for you to play with! This one's got a little twist, that the three of us thought was a lot of fun to incorporate into our projects, and we hope you will, too! This is what you've got to work with:

Whaddya think? Can you work your magic? (We're sure you will wow us, as you've been doing all along!)

Remember that we have to SEE the sketch in your project, but you are also welcome to flip the sketch on its side and add embellies to your heart's content. Here's what we did with it:

So there you have it! And that also completes our "triple threat recipe" for this week, which means you can combine any or all of this week's challenge for a shot at any of November's prize packages! You'll have until Sunday, November 15th at midnight EST if you're combining, or you can upload your sketch entry by next Wednesday, November 18th at midnight EST for a shot at this batch of goodies:

AND, if you're interested in becoming a Design Dollie, we'd love to hear from you! Check out our DESIGN TEAM CALL for deets!