Monday, June 28, 2010

It's COLOR CHALLENGE Monday again!

WHERE is the summer going? Can you believe it's already nearing the end of June, and soon we'll be giving our new Dollies their grand debut here? We hope everybody is enjoying their summer, and for those of you with time off, WOOT! Vacations? Family outings? What's on the agenda?

A big thanks to everybody who played along with last week's challenge... Apparently we couldn't scare you crafty folks away with the yellow and grey combo, because those who played ROCKED it! Gorgeous submissions, everybody! And we're happy you were inspired!

But down to business... Today is the LAST color challenge for June, and therefore, your last chance to win my hodgepodge prize package. What can you do with THESE colors?

Light Green, Dark Green, Kraft and Pink

(I apologize, as the kraft swatch often looks like dusty rose,
but I assure you, it's not supposed to be pinkish!)

So... for a chance at this prize:

you should play along with the Design Dollies!

Here's what our talented Dolls did with this one....

Melissa, one of our super clever, fabby Aussie-Dolls:

Your gracious hostess, Leah the Orange (that's me!):

Our brilliantly nerdy Swede, Metal_Minish ("Tack" means "Thank You"):

and our beautiful Adina-Dollie, who's still making thank you cards for her baby shower!:

Whatcha think, friends? Can you rock this combo like our Dollies have done so well? Last chance for the June prize! Get to it, link your newly-created projects below, and be sure to link back to the Dollies in your blog post! You have until next SUNDAY, July 4th at midnight EST to get this one done - either on its own or with the TRIFECTA. We can't wait to see your gorgeous creations!


  1. Hello,
    I have a question but can't open email link (my computer :(
    I finished a project on sunday which matches the colour combo, can I post it as an entry for colour challenge??
    Don't worry if not.
    Great work dollies:)

  2. Lorna, we generally ask that projects submitted for our challenges be created with the challenge in mind... we don't have a problem with combining challenges, but we do hope to inspire our crafty community by giving you all NEW ideas to work off of. But please feel free to play with the color combo again, or even try for a triefecta this week!

  3. gorgeous examples fellow dollies!! <3

  4. ok, i was SO EXCITED to be posting a color challenge card ONNA TUESDAY (!!!) that i accidentally put my link in twice! sorry guys! (in my's 7:40am...) :) lovely DT examples btw, and i'm utterly hooked on kraft, pink & green now! ♥

  5. LOVE'd these colors, too much fun!! Thanks for the awesome challenge!

  6. That was a toughy. Thanks for the challenge.

  7. Such a lovely girly color combo!
    Thanks for the challenge, dollies!

  8. What a fantastic colour combination Dollies! Thanks for the inspiration. Just posted my entry. Glad to be able to play with you again!

  9. Great color challenge, my daughter Mady's favorite color is green. So I did a page with her.

  10. Thank you so much Dollies....I really enjoy the colour challenges and I have linked my latest entry

  11. So sorry I posted twice. This dork put in the wrong blog addy : (


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