Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Meet Penny!

This is me, Penny...

A 70's baby

Wife of Farmer Tim

Loves being Mumma to our three giggling girls, Princess Kate 10, Princess Bethany 8 and Princess Mia 6

Lives in NSW Australia on a cattle farm in a rickety 100 year old house

Has a desperate need to record every small part of this crazy busy whirlwind life that flies by way too fast for my liking

Never puts layouts in albums

Loves to don an apron and bake

Studied psychology and philosophy

Cannot resist anything that has polka dots, cupcakes or babushka dolls

Prefers feel-good chick-flicks and soppy tear-jerkers

Spent my entire childhood on horseback

Drinks frothy chai tea and champagne (just not together!)

Never leaves the house without makeup

Demands the return of Lolly Gobble Bliss Bombs

Thinks my Dad would be proud of me

Fantasises about glamorous city living but is a country girl at heart

Likes to keep the peace

Would wish for a foot massage every single day

Never misses an episode of Glee, Survivor or Masterchef

Believes everything happens for a reason

Has a thing for double layouts

Never irons.....EVER

Does yoga....ommmmmm....

Collects hoop earrings, winter scarves, cookie cutters and patterned paper

Can spend hours in a kitchenwares store

Has a scrapping style that is cute, playful and rainbow bright

Would love for you to visit my blog Scissors Paper Pen

Is soooooo happy to be here!

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  1. How lovely to see my gorgeous girl on Design Dollies. She forgot to tell you how talented and clever she is! LOL
    (I am her adoring Mum, so I am allowed to brag!)


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