Thursday, September 7, 2006


Hi! I'm Kristy and I am a paper addict!


I've been really into scrapbooking since the birth of my daughter over 4 years ago but before that I was also addicted to a nice piece of Bristol to draw on. I know canvas isn't paper but that is also a minor obsession LOL. Luckily I have a hubby who is very understanding and supportive. Without him I don't think this would be half as fun... the eye rolls... the comments... :) Another thing that makes this hobby super fun is my kids, SUCH HAMS! They love their picture taken and can either put on a show or completely ignore it. Perfect! Last but not least I love scrappin with friends! Friends make it all the more fun!

As for me, I'm a full time workin momma who diligently CRAMS my scrapbooking in whenever I can! While drawing would have to be my first love since I've been doing it forever. Who really can spend hours sitting and drawing with two tinies using you as a jungle gym? LOL! Not me. Scrapping has become my first and foremost art form and I love how it lets my art be family time. My style has changed a lot so I call it eclectic artsy. I love to put on my podcast of the Freebeer and Hotwings Morning Show (radio show LOVE THEM!) and scrap. I never know how my LO's will turn out. Its an adventure LOL! You can see me here, my blog and at Gutter Girlz. My Scrap Therapy place :)!

My big scrappy wish would be to have a touch more room. I have one cabinet and a small table. That poor table is always elbow deep in mess :)

Thanks for joining us here! Lovin my dollies!!!


  1. 1. Drawing
    2. More room
    3. over 4 years
    4. Glitter Girls
    5. Freebeer and Hotwings Morning show
    Good Luck Dollies, I enjoyed the quiz!
    Kim xXx

  2. Heya Dollie!!! :) What's shakin?? :) Missing you...


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