Sunday, December 24, 2006


Hello! I'm Ellen Cristine Ogata Nomura, 27 years old, scrapper. I´m a fake (hehe) version of japanese because I´m a descendant of 4th generation ... I was born in Brazil, I live in Brazil, I enjoy staying in Brazil, I speak portuguese, but my genetic inheritance and culture came from Japan. I’ve been married to my sweet husband André for over 9 months, and we have a lovely puppy, Yully (this is my cute little family and they give me all the contentment in my life). I work part-time in a Private University as a Clinical Research Pharmacist.

I've been really into scrapbooking since 2006, when my dog (Lucc) died and I wanted something to keep him in my memory forever. I wanted to combine the memory of his love, the beautiful and fun things he taught me, and the same time feels around him. And I found something that perfectly combined all: the SCRAPBOOK. And sure enough I was addicted to scrapbooking from the moment I started working on my first layout...
The scrapbooking has become my way of preserving my fave photos and memories, which I personally consider it a treasure. They give me all the content of my life.

I usually start out my projects by chosing fave photo(s). I always start my LO project, drawing (pencil and paper). I put my ideas on a piece of paper and after that I develop. In my opinion, the planning is the main step but the most difficult, and execution is the most enjoyable and easier. I never finish a layout at one sitting... I like to leave it overnight and come back to it the next day or night with fresh ideas. Journaling is the last step in my creations. I love to use alternatives materials and techniques like fabrics, felt, sewing machine, buttons, acrylic paint, and colors, colors and colors (5 at least hehehe) on my pages.

Anyway, my craft space is in the closet and includes a bench, several shelves, organizers, a sound and a super large window. I define my craft space as something of heaven, a place where I feel light, quiet and mainly where I can forget the world ... No matter how stressful life gets, when I walk into my scraproom and start creating, all the worries of the day just wash away.

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  1. Ellen,

    I loved to read more about you. I´ve already know your, incredible, scrap work from your blog but I´m always delighted to see how much you are growing in this fantastic world!
    huge kisses,


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