Sunday, December 24, 2006


Hi everyone! ^-^

Metal_Minish here. I'm a comic artist/illustrator from Sweden.
Never really growing up, I'm still being a big dreamer at heart, playing videogames, and love to draw... I love to create and get inspired by everything I experience, feel and see.

Scrapbooking came into my life in 2007, when a store opened in the town I lived in. I became curious, and stepped in. I realized that with this new hobby I could showcase my bunches of photos without them being just a boring slideshow on my computer, and at the same time bring out the best sides of the photo and tell the story behind it, all in one!

I like trying out new styles, always trying to develop my style and learn more.
Most of the time, you can tell it's my work from the combination of colorful details and dirty grunge, both in my art and my scrapbook layouts. And of course, you can tell it's my scrap from the photos...

My favorite photo motifs are my two BJD's (ball jointed dolls) boys named Nintendo and Konami, but they aren't the only thing I scrap about; many things from my nerdy life get a round at the scrap table when I'm at it! From dolls to cosplay, from picnics to a snapshot of today...

I'm always glad to have people visiting my blog, come take a look at my creations at! ^o^

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