Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy Birthday, to ME!!!!!! :)

Hello bloggers and thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes!!!! I have truly been blessed by wonderful friends both "live" and "online" and a combination of both! :) In honor of my (gulp) thirty third birthday, I'd like to invite ya'll to a special combination challenge...

This week's elements challenge is to:
1) Scraplift little ole yours truly (check me out) and post your creations via Mr Linky by Midnight on Monday the 22nd.
2) Be sure to include a link to the original blog post that inspired you in YOUR blog post when you showcase your newest project...
3) IF you do lift me and post your creations here, then DEFINITELY play along on my personal blog for THREE (3) extra chances at my blog candy, which will be drawn on March 31st...

So for some inspiration, check out what the Dollies came up with!

Moi (weird lifting yourself, by the way!)

Got my inspiration here:

The awe inspiring Kate

She got her inspiration here

My Dollie Kristy
Who got her inspiration from this post

And the darling
Who was inspired by this

Ok, so definitely get scrappy, and don't forget to play for some yummilicious candy!!! And thanks again for all the well wishes!! :)

Don't forget that your creations must be BRAND NEW for this challenge (kinda tough to double-dip on this one), and be sure to link back to us in your blog post... and check back VERY SOON to see who our new Dollies are going to be!


  1. happy birthday adina!! gorgeous inspiration from your beautiful pieces!!! xox

  2. Woo hoo, a fabulous challenge for your birthday Adina. I've trolled your blog (again) and come up with an idea... Can't wait to get started.

  3. Happy Bday A! We love ya Dollie!!!!! MWAH! You were so much fun to lift!

  4. Finally did this challenge! Happy Birthday girl! Love ya!

  5. Hi Adina, i'm new to the dollies and a bit unclear bout the challenge.. We are suppose to scraplift on your layout, is it??

  6. Thanks gals for all the well wishes... Alin, you are being asked to go to my blog (use the links on the post) and then pick one of the things I've posted since I started blogging and lift that...


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