Monday, February 15, 2010

Design Dollies didn't take the day off! NEW COLOR CHALLENGE!

Good morning, folks! In Canada, it's "Family Day" - which was the most recently introduced holiday to break up the winter months. Apparently it was decided (by whom?!) that there must be a holiday in each month, so February got this one. In the U.S., it's Presidents Day, which means I'm off, although schools aren't. JOY! This means that I am not working on a day when I'd likely otherwise be very busy! AND I get to go gallavanting around the crafty stores, who all seem to be having some HUGE sales!

Before I get myself ready to SHOP (!!!), I have a brand new color combination for you folks... And out of curiosity, how many of you are THRILLED and RELIEVED to finally get away from the Valentine's theme? (I am!)

Went with a slightly different combo for this one:


Soft and subtle, but can still pack a punch! Observe:

Adina-Dollie (OOOHHH, I just LOVE that gorgeous frame, and that hand-stitching!)

Nicole-Dollie (That flower? The lace? Those cute chipboard accents on the left? FANTASTIC!)

Myself, Leah the Orange Dollie

And there ya be, my friends! We can't wait to see what gorgeous, stunning creations you'll be linking up this week! Remember that as the Elements and Sketch challenges are revealed this week, you can combine any of these to enter for the prize draws! Projects MUST be created new for our challenges, and you must LINK back to us in your blog post. The deadline for this one (and for any of the combinations you may attempt) is next SUNDAY, February 21st at midnight EST.

And in case you forgot, here's the prize for the Colors Challenges this month:

Have fun, and happy craftin'! (Now I'm going shoppin'!)


  1. Oh such magical examples!!! Love em Dollies yet again!

  2. all done and linked - great examples:)

  3. Whew! At last I'm done! It's up on my blog now! Thanks a lot.


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