Monday, November 1, 2010

another new month with the Design Dollies - new colors and new NEWS!

WELCOME to the Dollhouse, friends! We are kicking off November in STYLE, and throwing some supah-fun new challenges your way for the month...

I want to thank EVERYONE who played around with my October Color Challenges - I know some of them were a bit tricky, but those who played TRULY impressed us, and we're always so pleased when our challenges INSPIRE you! Some of you left us some terribly sweet feedback, for which we are very grateful. Your kind words keep us going, and going, and going, so you won't be rid of us Dollies for a while! :)

That said, we have a couple of announcements to make...

First of all, my apologies, because with my frantic schedule, I am not able to draw a winner from the October Color Challenges yet, but I will get to that as soon as I can. Thank you all for the patience you show us when we run into these little (annoying) snags!

Second, I know I mentioned it last week, but a very heartfelt MWAH to Andrea, who rocked our Guest Dollie spot last month! She gave us some incredibly inspiring pieces, and it was an absolute JOY to have her in the Dollhouse!

Third, we give a warm Dollhouse welcome to KAREN WRAY, who will be joining in the November Challenges as our next Guest Dollie! If you haven't been to Karen's blog, DO check it out HERE - the girl's got MAD SKILLZ, and we're thrilled and totally honored to have her! You'll get to see her stuff very soon, so get ready to have your socks knocked off! :D

Fourth, the next Dollie-Call will be up VERY SOON (yeah, I also mentioned that last week) - we're looking for some dedicated crafty folks to hang out with us from January through June 2011, and we're SO excited to see what fabulous applications we'll receive for the upcoming term! I will warn you though - our current team is gonna be a SERIOUSLY tough act to follow! :D

Fifth, our Adina-Dollie is taking a little hiatus. No worries folks, she's doing fine, and the family is happy and healthy; she's just a gal with a whole lot on her plate right now. So she'll be popping by when she can, and she'll still be watching, and she WILL be back when the time is right!

Sixth, we needed someone to step in for Adina-Dollie, as there's just no way Kristy and I can handle it ourselves... So we have invited our very own KAREN to be a Dollie admin in the meantime! She'll be hosting the Elements Challenges and entertaining you while Adina deals with life and stuff, so please be kind, and if we run into any snags, don't be afraid to leave a comment or send an email to let us know (like when our InLinkz isn't up or running, or if you catch some strange error, or whatever else might be concerning). We're QUITE confident that Karen's going to make an awesome admin, so we welcome her with giant long-distance hugs and lots of appreciation! :D

So now it's time.... let's DO IT!

This week's Color Challenge:

You might wanna sit down for this, 'cuz holy WOWZA,
our Dollies' projects will take your breath away!

DANA's gorgeous bathing beauty card gives us a nice warm spot
with this cold weather upon us:

KAREN's beachy page just SCREAMS summer fun
(and brrr, it's not swimming weather here in New Jersey right now!):

NICOLE TOTALLY rocked this travel-themed layout
(the girl sure gets to see a lot of the world - I'm so jealous!):

And I (Leah the Orange) am still pounding out the winter/holiday cards for the upcoming craft fair, so I couldn't resist with this cute little snowfella:

And that's how it's done! I know that sometimes the colors may seem intimidating, but if you REMOVE one of the colors from the combo and think of it strictly for accents, it often makes things a LOT easier, as you can see by the awesome Dollie talent above! So do you want to play?

Create a NEW project for this challenge. Link back to the Dollhouse in your blog post (or in the forum where your photo can be found, so others can come by for a visit). Link up below using the little froggy dude. Do all of this by next SUNDAY, November 7th at midnight EST and you'll be entered to win some scrummy crafty stuff! I will post a picture of this prize when I announce the winner from the October Color Challenges (but ask anyone who's ever won a Dollies prize - they don't suck!). Go get your craft on! :D


  1. Hi!
    My Color challenge is posted. I really liked this color combo. Have a great day!

    My Journal

  2. Wow! Wow! Wow!!!!! I am soooo loving this color combo and the DT did fabulous on their creations!!!

  3. gorgeous colours guys! will wait to do a trifecta though ;) hehe xox

  4. great layouts with the combo...I think I have pics that will work with these colors!

  5. This was FUN! - especially since I had to "custom color" the small piece of patterned paper that was originally black and white! THANKS Dollies!


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