Monday, April 19, 2010

Design Dollies new COLOR CHALLENGE - brown-orange-teal

happy monday, folks!
how about another color challenge? :)

last week's challenge was SO much fun, and we loved seeing your creative minds at work! think we may have to revisit this combo again sometime down the road... this week, however, we're going a little more subdued with


and to inspire you... how about some vintage fab from our Adina-Dollie:

our sweet and spunky Guest Dollie, Lizzie:

our crafty-savvy Dana-Dollie:

and me, Leah the Orange (Dollie):
the mini-composition book BEFORE:

and AFTER - a journal of sorts, to document those "little things" between the hubbin and i (like randomly sticking the letter T at the end of a word that ends in S - "yesst" or "thisst"):


and in case you needed a reminder, or an extra incentive to play along... here's the prize pack:

ready to show us whatcha got? create something NEW for this challenge, link up below (to your post, not to your general blog or to the picture itself please, as we can't see the rest of your lovely blog!), link back to us, and do this all before next SUNDAY, April 25th at midnight EST for your chance to win. the Elements Challenge comes tomorrow, and the Sketch Challenge comes Thursday, if you're looking to combine 'em for a Dollies Trifecta! HAVE FUN!


  1. This looks like a fun color combination. To bad I'll be on vacation and wont get to play with this one.

    I love the composition book. I need to do something like that to record the kids sayings!!!

  2. Tee hee, my dh does the same thing only with the letter "d." As in, "I'm going out to cut the lawnd."

  3. I did it!!! I went with a nice dark teal color, I hope that is okay! This was a lot of fun! You guys did wonderful work!

  4. These colors worked out great for my layout. Thanks so much!!!

  5. I would never have picked these colours, but I think they worked out great! Thanks for pushing me out of my box!

  6. Loved it! THanks so much for the inspiration!

  7. Thanks for choosing the type of colours I use!!! I had a lot of fun with this layout.

  8. Such a cool combo... as usual!!! Cheers, Robin

  9. For some reason when I linked my page here it didn't link?? So I am going to do it again...if it ends up being on there twice I'm sorry!


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