Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Blog Hop WINNERS!!!

Thank you again to everyone who played along for our weekend Blog Hop... It was so much fun hopping with ya'll and checking out you checking us out, lol! :)

Our Dollies were ALL so generous, so we have TONS of prizes to award today... BUT, be sure to check each Dollie's blog as well, for even MORE surprises!

In order of the hop, winners are as follows:

Penny's Lucky winner is: Robin

Karen's winner is: J-bug (Jane)

And Metal Minish's Nerd Scrap winner is: Christine

Leah's lucky ducky is: Yara

Chiqui's Dollie winner is: Anazelia

Dana's Tatar Salad winner is: Roxanne McCleary

Nicole's SO glam she sweats glitter winner is: Chloe!

Adina's All about me winner is: Alecia!

And I KNOW the Dollie quiz was a bit difficult (thus the huge stash for any winners!)... We didn't have any winners this time around, but stay tuned for another chance at the stash before the summer is over... Answers to the mini quiz are as follows:

1. Which Dollie wishes Puerto Ricans could be Southern Belles?
Dollie #5 (Adina)

2. Which Dollie launched her own ODD Digi Stamping company (with AMAZING images, may I say!)
Dollie #8 (Kristy)

3. Which Dollie hails from Sweden and LOVES Scrapping Dolls...
Dollie #3 (Metal Minish)

4. Which Dollie had to sensor the drink title for her favorite alcoholic beverage (hint, it consists of 2 Parts Butterscotch Schnapps and 1 part Bailey's Irish Cream)?
Dollie #7 (Karen)

5. Which Dollie lives in the same state as Adina does?
Dollie #1 (Leah)

6. Which part-time Californian part-time Norwegian Dollie just started scrapping again this past April?
Dollie #6 (Nicole)

7. Which Dollie is a Philipina Pediatrician?
Dollie #9 (Chiqui)

8. Which Australian Dollie is in SERIOUS need of a good album since she NEVER puts layouts into one...
Dollie #4 (Penny)

9. Which REPEAT DT Dollie is a retired Biochemist turned stay at home mom?
Dollie #2 (Dana)

WELL, there you have it scrappers! We all genuinely enjoyed playing with you this weekend and we hope to see you back again later on today for this month's final chance to win the Scrap Attack prize pack for playing along with our Elements Challenges... see you soon!


  1. Thanks for a really fun blog hop! Great to get to know you all better and some fun games made it a bit different to a regular hop!Cheers, Robin

  2. Ok...now I gotta totally google that drink combo.......LOL. The blog hop was a blast dolls :)

  3. CONGRATS to all! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  4. Oh no! Just got two dollies the wrong way round! I had such fun doing my first ever blog hop and I'm so delighted to have won a prize - thanks Karen!!
    Well done everyone else who won.

  5. Thanks for the fantastic blog hop Dollies!!! I even surprised myself and guess some Dolls correctly!!!!! I am super excited to win a prize too thanks so much and congrats to the other winners :-)

  6. awww I had all teh right answers (in my mind) but chose teh wrong Dollies figures LOL.. Thank you awesome Dollies for a fantastic Blog hop was heaps of fun!

  7. Thanks to everyone who played along :)


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