Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It's "ELEMENT"tary Dear Watson... :)

(Cheezy title??) WELL, Tuesday's challenges will require you to dig through your stash for a specific item or three to spruce up your most recent crafty creations... I'll start out nice and slow for ya'll and save the crazy for later on in the year! :)

FIRST check out the inspiration provided by our Gorgeous Dollies:



Leah the Orange

AND in case you didn't notice, the common denominator in the featured projects was...

glitter logo - http://www.sparklee.com

Think shiny... SO, between today and next Monday, please post pics of projects with at LEAST three (tres, 3) forms of bling showcased... Eligible projects will be entered into the monthly prize drawing for THIS awesome blingy prize:


  1. I will have to do this one! Still haven't taken the quiz, but I did put the blinkie on my site. Lookin' good so far, ladies!!

  2. I loved this challenge, thanks Dollies :) Any excuse to use bling, LOL!

  3. Got mine in, yahoo!
    Kim xXx


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