Friday, October 2, 2009

who's done their homework?

because you want to win THIS:

and THIS:

you should click HERE! :)

it's fun! and it's YUMMY!

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  1. Hi Dollies! This was a blast! Thanks for sharing about yourselves and thanks for the inspiration!

    Alison Day

    On Kristy:
    1. Bristol - canvas
    2. to have more room to scrap (you and me both!)
    3. since the birth of her daughter over 4 years ago
    4. Gutter Girlz
    5. Podcast of Freebeer and Hotwings morning show

    On Adina:
    1.Wuthering Heights
    2. 3
    3. Elinor Dashwood
    4. Jane Austen (love her too!!)
    5. Kristy Dalman Ltd (as in Dollie Kristy?!)

    On Leah the Orange:
    1. kitty (wants a bunny!)
    2. Canada (like me! Go Canucks!!)
    3. Green and yellow daisy maryjane Docs
    4. Labyrinth (oh yeah baby!) and Pan's Labyrinth
    5. duh, ORANGE!


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