Thursday, October 29, 2009

Its a lil Sketchy...

as to why I can't seem to be on top of things this week! Who knows LOL! Sorry about the delay today Dollies, but I apparently have only half a brain (yes, the half that can type :) ) But no matter what time it's posted, we can have some good fun with the Thursday Sketch Challenge! Remember, this is the last one for the month of October. So your entries need to be in by midnight Wednesday if you're just rawkin' the sketch or by Sunday at midnight if you are puttin' together the triple threat! Either way, we are giving away some prizes next week and putting up some new goodies you can win. Not to mention another exciting thing may be in store. THAT you will have to tune back in for next week :)

Well, without further ado here is this week's sketch!

Here's what our Dollies played with...

Both are so totally drool worthy!!!

Like I said earlier, I on the other hand can't remember WHERE I put mine so it will go up shortly.

Brain... broken....

But even if you can't see mine yet I DEFINITELY want to see yours! Link us up in Mr. Linky... tell your friends... spread the word! We love to play!


  1. I think I did not read enough - I am not quite sure how to do all the challenges. I incorporated 3 challenges in one card. Or was I supposed to do 3 different ones? Sorry - guess this old brain is just a bit tired tonight.
    At any rate, it is a cute sketch, and those samples are just super.
    I am trying photobucket and have to learn that, too. Most of my description vanished, it appears.

  2. Loved your card Dorothy! Way to bring them all together!!! Combining them all into one is the way to go if you can pull it off (like you obviously can :D ) Now you just need to make sure to link it up onto all three days so you get all your entries. I may just go do that for ya. Great job!

  3. Fun sketch! I will definitely be back and be blogging about your site. I'm glad I found it through Leah's site! :)

  4. I enjoyed making a card this time round, flipped the sketch on its side :) Thanks for the challenge :)


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